In 2010, for an exhibit with Fahey-Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, I began working with a photography art printer in Los Angeles recommended to me by David Fahey.  I have continued to work with this printer and his studio because he is familiar with many of my edition images.  Consistency in an edition is important.




Most photographers do not print an entire edition at once, it would be expensive and there would be storage issues.  As a result, while the edition may be predetermined to a limit (such as 25 prints), a much lesser number may have been ordered and thus exist at a given time.  Within my limited editions of 25 there may be two different sizes to choose from, and in a few cases color or monotone of the same image, but in the end there can only be 25 prints.




Archival pigment on museum grade acid and lignin free papers.




Records of the edition number are carefully recorded and shared with the registrars of the gallery I work with.




In general the first five prints of an edition are the same price.  As the edition progresses in prints sold the price for a print rises incrementally each five prints until it reaches 25.  As of 2020 the first tier for a 24x20 is $2,500 and $4,500 for a 40x30.  Most, not all, of my editions are still in the first tier at this time.




There are artist proofs of some of the images as well.  These are the initial proofs I print myself to establish the look of the image.  They are smaller in size, ranging between11x14 and 16x20, than subsequent edition prints.  These proofs are available for $1,700.  They are signed and A/P numbered verso on the print.  (2) total are available for any one image, and then it transitions to the production of a limited edition.  To inquire about an artist proof contact my studio.